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Got waste plasterboard?

Think A.B.C.

We work with waste management companies and large producers of plasterboard waste nationwide. 

100% of the plasterboard waste we collect is recycled.

We provide an efficient and extremely cost effective service to collect plasterboard waste for recycling.


Alfred has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the waste management sector. We understand the importance of correct disposal. We are proud that 100% of plasterboard we collect and manage is recycled.


Over time we have grown to be the largest handler of plasterboard waste nationwide. Due to the volumes of plasterboard we handle, we are able to provide the most competitive rates in the market.  All of the plasterboard waste we collect is either re-cycled for use in new board or used in agriculture.

Alfred manages the disposal of hundreds of tonnes of plasterboard a week with a full transparent audit trail available to our customers.


Why Use Us

100% compliant with PAS109 where applicable

Zero waste

Unrivalled rates


Customer friendly – we call our customers weekly to organise collections

30 days credit

Nationwide service

How we work

We work with skip companies across the UK taking care of their plasterboard and gypsum product waste requirements. Alfred maintain regular contact with account customers on a weekly basis to find out if a waste collection is required. No need to call us, we call you!

Our priority is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution. We provide a simple ‘easy to use’ service, we are 100% compliant with the current Environmental Agency regulations and 100% of waste that we manage is recycled.



Plasterboard waste is bulked up at local waste transfer stations
Alfred contact customers weekly to arrange any collections of plasterboard
Plasterboard waste is transported to a central recycling location
Invoice to customer

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