What is Fermacell?

Fermacell is an award-winning, non-waste product, composed entirely of recycled materials and produces zero waste when used.

Fermacell was invented in 1888 and manufactured for use in the 1970’s with a life expectancy of around 50+ years.


How is Fermacell Made?

A unique process is involved in making Fermacell, which is produced from recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres, from consumer paper and recycled water. Together, the materials form a homogenous mass and once dry, a dense sheet material, which can be cut into separate board pieces.

How to identify Fermacell

A common characteristic of Fermacell is that no two boards look identical. Due to its recycled material properties the overall look of the board varies from one to the next. Clear labelling should also be visible on the board with manufacturing data to identify it as Fermacell.


Uses of Fermacell

Owing to its versatile properties, Fermacell is used extensively on floor and ceiling projects, external cladding as well as standard wall applications.


Recycling Fermacell

Today, early installations are reaching the end of their life cycle, so the Fermacell boards need removal. This is where Alfred comes in!

Alfred have been in business for 12 years and are one of the UK’s largest handlers of plasterboard and gypsum-based waste. 100% of waste we collect is recycled into new plasterboard, materials for the construction industry or for agricultural uses. We are pleased to announce our services now extend to Fermacell., We arrange a bulk waste collections and transfer to a centralised recycling location where it is recycled and reused. No waste, no fuss, no problem!


As well as Fermacell, Alfred manages and recycles any gypsum-based materials. For more info contact us