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Tidy site, tidy mind!

The old saying goes, ‘tidy home, tidy mind’. A practical piece of advice that can be used across many scenarios and couldn’t be more suited to a building site. Simply, a hectic and badly controlled site can have damaging consequences in several areas: health and safety implications, team productivity, the reputation of the construction company and not to mention, the regulatory rules that need to be followed to avoid penalties.

Keeping your site clean

Organisation is key so that workers can focus on tasks rather than hunting around for tools and equipment. Afterall, as with any project, the objective is always to complete on time and in budget.

Our knowledge extends in both the waste and construction industry, a perfect combination in understanding exactly how to keep a site clean!

  • The safety of the site is first and foremost, regular checks of boundary fences should be undertaken to check for damage and entrances kept secure during deliveries.

  • Pests such as rats, mice and pigeons can quickly become a problem on any site, On-site facilities for workers is important to minimise the risk.

  • Safely store away tools and equipment. Firstly, it stops tools from getting lost and stops workers wasting time looking for them. Secondly, being stored correctly and safely means workers less likely to have accidents from trips or falls caused by discarded tools and equipment.

  • Keep a designated waste area and separate. It is good practice to stay organised and separate waste types. Plasterboard waste is classed as a non-hazardous material but is heavily regulated and requires careful disposal.

The Health and Safety Executive have a handy guide on how to keep a building site in line with HSE requirements; click here to read.

Our sister company, Site Solutions Ltd, offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ service, which means keeping a site clean has never been easier. Site Solutions manage the delivery and collection of everything you need without the hassle of site managers needing to order separately and keep track of paperwork.

Our full list of services extends to:

  • Skips and bins

  • Grab wagons

  • Tippers

  • Welfare units

  • Portable toilets

  • Storage containers

  • Boundary fences

  • Plant including: cherry pickers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, track mounts and skip chutes

Do you have plasterboard waste? Contact our friendly team, give us a call and have a chat with Mea, Caroline or Josh to find out how we can help. 01684 353556.

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