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There is more life in the old dog yet!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

uPVC Waste? Think Alfred

What is uPVC?

Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC as more commonly known, is a rigid, hard material often used in domestic and commercial properties for doors, window frames and pipework.

Benefits of uPVC

  • High-performance material with durable and long-lasting properties, making it perfect for doors, window frames and pipework

  • Thermal efficient and sound insulated

  • Low cost compared to other materials, such as aluminium or timber

  • Low maintenance – uPVC can be subjected to the harshest weather conditions without any alterations or upkeep required. (Apart from the odd clean!)

  • Secure – uPVC is strong and robust making it difficult to damage

Typically, uPVC lasts around 30-40 years, after which it often ends up on landfills where it is disposed of. But, we at Alfred know, there is life in the old dog yet!

uPVC is simply too valuable to throw onto landfill when 100% can be recycled and more importantly, reused. Not only can it be recycled, it can be recycled and reused up to ten times.

How does it work?

Alfred will arrange the collection and disposal of a bulk waste collection of uPVC, which we will transport to one of our uPVC recycling centres where it is shreded and compressed into pellets. The pellets are then used to make up uPVC window frames, doors and pipework, and thus the cycle continues. Although markets are variable, we are normally able to offer a great rebate on the material collected, so not only is the waste recycled, you actually earn money from it!

So if you are sending used and old uPVC to landfill, think again - there is another option – think Alfred.

In case you aren’t aware, Alfred are passionate about sustainability; we strive to ensure 100% of the materials we encounter are reused. Read an earlier blog to find out other ways Alfred practice what we preach:

In addition to uPVC, Alfred handle and manage the process of recycling plasterboard, gypsum based waste, fermacell and just about everything else in between. To find out more about how we work:

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